Jun. 1st, 2009

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Being someone who sits at a computer all day, both by choice and for pay, and someone who hasn’t yet replaced their hands with bionics or a mind-machine interface, I’ve been slowly moving towards the ergonomic interface accessories.

I’ve long since gotten used to the moderately bad-sci-fi appearance of the average ergonomic keyboard, mostly because they’re damn comfy. My new mouse, however, looks like something out of … damn, I can’t even think of a movie ref. Schlocky, though. It’s the Logitech Revolution MX. I needed something that wouldn’t suck batteries like my current bluetooth mouse did, and came home with a rechargeable mutant mouse.

It’s got a wing on it so my thumb doesn’t drag on the desk (ooh, luxury…?), and in the ‘wacky feature’ category, a weighted scroll wheel that notices when I’m scrolling quickly and throws a _solenoid_ so the wheel goes from ratchety to free-spin mode. What the hey.

If it weren’t for the lack of flying cars, I’d think we’re in the future.

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