Jun. 2nd, 2009

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I've been without a land line for years now. It makes me think about how kids are going to be communicating in the future - with no common landline, there's significantly less chance I'll be able to monitor their communications, know who they're talking to, without some fairly wily monitoring software.

Leads to a situation where the question is: Where do you draw the line of trust? How do you teach kids that you have a valid need to know who they're communicating with without making them want to hide it from you?

How do we prevent another generation of 'Stranger Danger' paranoia, isolating us all from our neighbors (who, statistically, are decent folks, but we've been taught to believe are all rapists and serial killers by media)? We have a hugely open communications venue in the Internet, and personal communications are becoming trivially available, _and_ more vital every day.

Is it ethical to monitor kids' communications online, since they're minors and aren't necessarily fully cognizant of their actions' impact?

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