Jul. 12th, 2009

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Hobbies and entertainments are keeping me sanish in the face of the new state of my job. Beyond attempting to thoroughly internalize Mutants and Masterminds (and start sketching out game ideas), I’ve also gotten a new computer - a desktop to keep in the office. It’s a great beast of a thing compared to any computer I’ve used before - 64-bit Windows 7 with 6gb memory and 4 cores means I’ve got the horsepower to run virtual machines and whatnot with no effort.

I’ve also taken notice of the ease of using Remote Desktop - I’ve been hanging out in the living room and punching into the office computer to check downloads , and vice-versa for tinkering iTunes or whatnot. It’s neat, as is the Win7 Home Group polishing of the workgroup concept. easy and less annoying than workgroups.

Finding time for the amusements I wish to partake in is a constant pain. Can’t someone invent an 8th day for the week, please?

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