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Heya, new year!

I’m starting to cast about for improvements in life along with my lady - possibly new locations, we’ll see. Bosses know, and appear to not care. I think they’re expecting me to go out searching for a job, realize the economy sucks, and not have to worry about how irritated I am at my current location.

On the game front, looks like Shackled City is wrapping up shortly.  That has been one _hell_ of a game. Between solid writing and a skilled Storyteller (I’d say GM, since it’s d20ish, but Storyteller fits better), it’s in the top 3 games I’ve played in.

This does not mean True20 is leaving me, no no.  In fact, I’m converting my Keep on the Shadowfell game to True20. My party complained a bit about 4e and its trouble with ad-hoc gaming (It’s a Minimally Multiplayer Offline Role Playing Game.  If you can’t push a button to make the effect, it’s pretty much all emotes.), so I persuaded them that a system change wouldn’t suck too much.  So far, so good. I’m collecting up the house rules and optional rules that Erich uses (thanks, Erich!) and working towards a gestalt I like. I’m going to be careful, though - I tend to break systems I like by finding untenable warts.  I don’t want to break this one, just … mold it.

Listening to numetal angsty brain candy, and the lyrics find no purchase, though I enjoy the sound.  Life is good. Thank you, everyone who has made it possible.

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