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Work Update

This last couple weeks has been rough. Due to really remarkably poor planning on the part of the client and our contract writers about 18 months ago, my employer laid off six people from our contract two weeks ago, including my boss and most senior team member. Overwhelming bitterness aside (for the team member, not the boss), I’ve been buried the last couple weeks trying to make a new balance. I think we’ll be fine eventually, but there’ll be some hiccups.

Horrors Unknown

I’m going to have to blame Candace for interesting me in Lovecraftian horror so long ago. For the last few months, I’ve been collecting Robin Laws’ Gumshoe games. It started with Ken Hite’s Trail of Cthulhu - an updated Lovecraftian horror game with a very different design philosophy than the lousy BRP system Chaosium uses for their stuff, and also distinct from Candace’s fiat diceless system. Desiring more material to use to understand the system’s philosophy, I followed up by purchasing the other Gumshoe games - Mutant City Blues first, which is less horror, more police procedural + superpowers. After that, I had to go to Indie Press Revolution to get the more obscure stuff, like Esoterrorists and Fear Itself.
Having collected all of this, I’ve started losing Stability and possibly Sanity reading disturbing modern horror stories and questioning: Why do I like horror? What makes it horrible and what makes it appealing?
I don’t have any answers yet, but I’m not done asking.

Next: I need to go find R. Chambers’ King in Yellow stuff to use for game research.

Fewer Preservatives

The media’s been doing its thing - I keep reading horrible things about high fructose corn syrup - prime cause of intraabdominal fat, eevil glycemic index, so on. So I’ve taken to avoiding it when I can, in favor of real sugar, or sucralose on occasion (curse you, energy drinks). But I’ve also started seeing an interesting trend - sugary drinks with _real sugar_ are popular again. It started with Red Bull Cola - the cola you can identify every single ingredient of as being natural. Now I’m seeing Pepsi Throwback (Cane Sugar), Pepsi Natural (Identifiable ingredients), and recently, Ice cream with no weird stuff in. Haagen-Dasz 5-ingredient ice cream is tasty.

Now, the question is: will this trend stick, and what will that mean? I like reasonably natural stuff…

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