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Well, here it is coming up on the Holidays in 2010. This year has already given us so much, it’s hard to ask for more.  That said? I’m a terrible, material person and more than capable of mentioning a few sparklies that have caught my eye. Here’s a sampling.

  • Fantasy Flight Games’ Mansions of Madness – oh deary me. A new FFG game, using the House on the Hill mechanic and an FFG quantity of tokens. muwahahaha!
  • Fantasy Flight Games’ DungeonQuest - Has been recommended as well.
  • Fantasy Flight Games’ Arkham Horror Miniatures - this falls under complete fancy – I can’t quite justify buying all 48 of these things, other than _they’re gorgeous_. waaaant. Only available through direct order, too. :p
  • WOTC’s Gamma World – I at least want to see what madness they’re up to here.
  • WOTC’s Monster Vault – and  for those odd moments when I run 4e, critter tokens galore!
  • WOTC’s Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms – love these little 4e expansions, too.
  • Luke Crane’s World Burner – Still curious what this guy is thinking – his system has so many great ideas so unfortunately tied to an implementation I can’t use…
  • Octavia Butler: Lilith’s Brood – Bought my first copy of this series about a decade ago and have read a hole in it. Time to get a newer copy.
  • Inception – Mmmm, Inception. Was my birthday present to myself  this year to see it in the theater.
  • Iron Man 2 – Well, of course. Haven’t given up on this little scheme of Marvel’s yet.
  • Chuck, Season 2 and 3 – Becky got a bit ahead of me on this one. We should catch up together.
  • Stargate, Boxed. – Somewhere after Becky got up here, her _entire_ Stargate DVD set went AWOL. We’ve never seen it again. It’d be nice to have it on hand; we enjoy its particular brand of cheese.
  • Music – Non-DRM’d, solid music of any reasonable sort. I’m still deeply attached to some previous and well-thought-out musical gifts.
  • Spices - Penzey’s has been supplying us with tasty spices for a while, and in some places we’re starting to run short.
  • Cataclysm - May as well announce my weakness now; yeah, my sabbatical from WoW will probably end sometime early next year. Having someone else buy me my next hit is villainous, though…
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