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Prius owned. ... well, financed. I now embark on the wonderful quest to fidget my budget so that the fact I have a lot less disposable money now doesn't bite me on the ever-so-careless ass.

But it is good. I look forward to being able to take advantage of all my new geek toys on it. Didn't realize it, but apparently my entire car is a hands-free headset for bluetooth phones. wtfyay! That plus the keyless ignition system and the in-dash computer pretty much make my day.

I am geek, hear me... geek.


ETA: yeeeegods. I'm sooooo spun up right now it's hurty. Cross between new-toy syndrome, night before Christmas, and goodgodI'maspaz.
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First, since I haven't posted about it, the car: 1997 Grand Am, sorta off-gold color, V6. It's got a nice engine, it's roomy, and it's mine, courtesy of a bunch of forms that aren't quite filled out yet and Becky's family, who were just going to donate it.

It's got 88k miles, so things are bound to go wrong... in this case, the brake calipers gagged and froze, allowing them to rub one brake pad to the metal and scrape nine kinds of hell out of the rotors. Enough that I get to replace the rotors, the calipers, and the brake pads (hey, that part's free)... Oog. Ah, well, Hazards of Ownership 101. Add to that the fact I ate Chili's for lunch and it didn't agree with me, and I'm feeling a mite abused. They're milking me for an oil change (which I expected it needed) and a couple other minor cleanups, but at the point that the brake cleanup was going to cost that much, I figured I may as well have it all out of the way.

*sighs, grins tiredly* Nice car, though. And it's my first. I expect I'll grow affectionate towards it quickly, even if it decides to take me for a ride every once in a while...

Want it back. Didn't want to leave it at the shop.

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