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I'm rearranging my rooms - seems to be a 'thing' I do. I like to take my territory and rearrange it when I can come up with enough reasons to. So of course, right now, my house is in a shambles, more than usual. I'm moving my 'office' into my 'bedroom', and vice-versa. The current bedroom is larger, but has evening exposure instead of morning - not so conducive to getting my arse outta bed.

Also, it's not like I use my bedroom for much. Even were I to get a bigger bed, I'd not be likely to spend more time in that one room, and the office has been frustratingly crowded for how many books I've got.

Of course, switching rooms is the perfect opportunity for me to actually organize my paperbacks a bit, so I've got inked wood pulp spattered all over the floors and any other horizontal surface that's convenient. This will keep me off WoW for a while, so I can actually think about doing things in the real world rather than using an addiction to ignore what's important.

All sorts of fun.

In other news, I should probably try to start hanging around the pool before summer's over - I've not gotten the prerequisite summer sunburn this year, and it's throwin' off my mojo.

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