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[ profile] chalain explained the feeling of the Vista upgrade more eloquently than I ever could, though I disagree with him on the nuance.

Honestly, Vista feels polished, just a little more grand and cultured than XP. The eye candy is lush, but subtle - little things that fade into the background but make it feel cool.

It has some distinct nods to those of us who like to know what the damn computer's _doing_ with all that grinding and clunking; a nice little Resource Monitor'll tell you what process is writing how many bytes to which file every second. Also, whenever something Administratively Important's going on, it'll ask you whether it's okay. A nice little bit of security.

The downside? About 400MB of memory down the tubes; I'm running around 900MB now with all my whosits and whatsits running. I suspect it'll grind a little harder than XP does.

Also, I'm going to have to search for a few knobs a little harder - Display Preferences is now abstracted a level, for instance.

All in all, it's a good experiment. The part that's going to kill me is trying to repair my RAID mirroring, since I unplugged one disk to retain a backup after the upgrade.

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