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So, for the record, finding Wii accessories in Monterey's a pain in tuchas. I've shopped every store in the area repeatedly for Wii remotes, and wasn't having much luck.

Yesterday, I snagged a copy of Wii Play - which comes with a remote - and at around 9:30 pm got a call from a coworker who was in Rasputin Music in San Jose and he bought me two remotes there.

Also, snagged Excite Truck, since I don't have nunchuks for the rest of my new herd of remotes.

So: Excite truck is two players, and simply _reeks_ of unlockable goodness. A cross between SSX3 and Mario Kart, the game is a combination racing and stunt game. There's a star ranking for how badass you looked running the track, including bonuses for placing first. 'Badass' includes big air, drift, smashing the snot out of the other trucks, and stunts. Typical 'pass' grades seem to be between 70 and 150 stars (so far) , with a 50 star bonus for crossing the finish line first.

There's also a stack of versus unlockables; not sure what they're like yet. I look forward to learning.

ETA: I think they're bringing back 'Nintendo hard' as a term. Excite truck's lowest level is currently pwning me hard.

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